pnt-ASIT+TM for the treatment of peanut allergy

Our pnt-ASIT+TM product candidates consists of a mixture of allergen fragments (peptides ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 kDa) obtained from the controlled hydrolysis of purified natural protein extract fromconsists of a mixture of natural allergen fragments obtained from a purified specific protein extract from Arachis hypogaea (peanut species Runner, Virginia and Spanish). The process has been optimized to exclude larger peptide fragments, which might bridge IgE bound on the mast cells membrane and initiate an allergic reaction due to the mast cells degranulation, while maintaining smaller peptides that retain the ability to activate the immune system and induce the development of specific protective immunoglobulins (IgG4). In most respects, although it needs to be proven during clinical development, the features and competitive advantages of pnt-ASIT+TM are intended to be similar to those of gp-ASIT+TM.

Our development program for pnt-ASIT+TM

In 2018, we reported the selection of a lead compound for pnt-ASIT+TM, the first product candidate targeting against a food allergy to come from the ASIT+ platform. Preclinical screening of several candidates was conducted in collaboration with Dr. M. Shamji, Scientific Advisor at ASIT biotech and Associate Professor at Imperial College London. The first in vitro tests showed that these peptides trigger less of an allergic reaction than full allergens, while rapidly stimulating the appropriate immune system regulating mechanisms. Preclinical development of pnt-ASIT+TM should be completed by end 2019/early 2020.

The global market potential for peanut AIT is estimated to peak around $5 billion and pnt-ASIT+TM could take a significant share of this market if we can confirm the potential to offer a much more convenient treatment schedule and higher protection than the first-generation products that are expected to reach the market within the next couple of years, and which are expected to require daily intake for at least 5 years.