hdm-ASIT+TM for the treatment of house dust mite asthma

ASIT hdm ASITTM 01 453f5

The product candidate consists of a mixture of allergen fragments (peptides ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 kDa) obtained from the controlled hydrolysis of purified natural protein extract from Dermatophagoïdes pteronyssinus bodies.

House Dust mite allergy is very common in Asia (China, India, …) in addition to the US & EU but hdm-ASIT+TM has also the potential to revolutionize the treatment of underlying allergen sensitization in asthmatic patients through a convenient, safe, short-course treatment which would decrease asthma exacerbations, reduce usage of rescue medication (short-acting β2-agonists and inhaled corticosteroids), decrease hospitalizations and emergency room visits, and strongly diminish work absences and improve productivity.

In 2018, we reported the selection of a new lead compound for hdm-ASIT+TM with an improved immunogenicity profile, similar to that of gp-ASIT+TM. Preclinical screening of several candidates was conducted in collaboration with Dr. M. Shamji, Scientific Advisor at ASIT biotech and Associate Professor at Imperial College London. This new formulation is currently in preclinical development. Furthermore, in December 2018, we finalized the industrialization process for the manufacturing of clinical batches of hdm-ASIT+TM at our manufacturing facility.