gp-ASIT+TM for the treatment of grass pollen rhinitis

Our lead product, gp-ASIT+TM consists of a mixture of natural allergen fragments (peptides ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 kDa) obtained from the controlled hydrolysis ofa purified specific natural protein extract from Lolium perenne (perennial ryegrass) pollen. The product process has been optimized to omit exclude larger peptide fragments, which might inadvertently bridge IgE bound on the mast cells membrane and initiate an unwanted allergic reaction due to the mast cells degranulation, while maintaining smaller peptides that can retain the ability to activate the immune system to and induce the development of specific protective immunoglobulins specific to grass pollen (IgG4). Due to this specificity, gp-ASIT+TM can be administered via a very short treatment schedule, consisting of 4 treatment visits with 2 subcutaneous injections per visit, over a 3-week period, prior to allergen exposure. This results in rapid onset of action, improved acceptance and compliance, potentially leading to more patients being treated by immunotherapy than seen today with long-course treatments.

Our clinical program for gp-ASIT+TM

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Clinical trials to date have shown that gp-ASIT+TM is well-tolerated, with the ability to lower reactivity of patients to grass pollen on the conjunctival provocation test (CPT) as well as a reduction of symptoms in a real-life seasonal exposure. We believe its short course regimen and the absence of an adjuvant make it convenient for patient use. We have tested gp-ASIT+TM in allergic rhinitis patients sensitized to grass pollen across 5 clinical trials, with a 6th trial (Pivotal Phase III) expected to complete towards the end of 2019.

Results of the completed trials have been published in prestigious scientific journals and can be found in our ‘scientific publications’(provide link) section

gp-ASIT+TM : Comprehensive Clinical Studies >900 Patients to Date

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