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Dear Madam, Sir,

We are delighted to present this section which is particularly dedicated to you. First of all, on behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank you for the trust you have in us.

Thanks to our innovative technology, based on carefully selected and calibrated natural peptides after being extracted from highly purified natural allergens, we are currently the only developer of short-term immunotherapies based on allergenic peptides for allergies with the highest prevalence: grass pollen allergic rhinitis, dust mite allergy and peanut allergy. We are thus addressing a market of several million allergic patients, currently not satisfied by the available therapies in Europe and the United States.

Our platform ASIT+™ can generate different batches of allergen peptides and screen them according to their immunological properties, to select those that are most conducive to the development of short-term subcutaneous immunotherapies. Following this process, the in vitro tests on blood cells of patients allergic to peanut carried out by Prof. Shamji at Imperial College London confirmed the optimal immunogenicity of our first product candidate for the development of a hypoallergenic peptide-based treatment for peanut allergy. After respiratory allergies, we are now in a position to target a new indication affecting several million people worldwide, including a significant proportion of children, for whom no treatment has been registered to date.

The quality and precision of our active ingredient selection method makes us confident in both the development of new drug candidates and the increased probability of their success in clinical phases.

We are convinced that with your support, our product portfolio will provide faster and more effective treatment options for millions of allergic patients.

Michel Baijot, Chief Executive Officer