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1 Legal Mentions

This website is owned by DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech).

DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) is a Belgian limited company with registered office at Rue des Chasseurs-Ardennais 7, 4031 Liège, Belgium, registered under number RPM 0460.798.795 and VAT number BE 0460.798.795

The company can be contacted:

  • By phone: +334 66 29 09 07

2 Privacy policy

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our clients, prospective clients, suppliers, job applicants and visitors to “” (the Website). Please read the following notice (the Policy) to understand how we collect and use your Personal Data and the rights you have in relation to your Personal Data.

First and foremost, DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) wants you to rest assured that we handle your personal data in a correct manner. We also aim to minimize the collection of personal data, while still assisting you in the best possible way.

If DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) collects your personal data, it will be processed securely, legitimately and in accordance with European legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

Acceptance of the Policy – The use of this Website is subject to this Policy. By accessing and using this Website, you acknowledge having read and accepted, without any reservation, this Policy. As this Policy can be modified at any moment without prior notice, you are advised to regularly consult this Policy.

Data controller –The data controller which is responsible for the processing of any personal data through this Website is DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech), a Belgian limited company with registered office at Rue des Chasseurs-Ardennais 7, 4031 Liège, Belgium, registered under number RPM 0460.798.795

Data Protection Officer (DPO) – Swan Tuffery

Collection – Personal data is collected when you actively provide us with such data, for example, by filling out a contact form on the Website. In case you fill in a form on our Website, DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) will mention the purpose or allow you to mention the purpose. Furthermore, when you access and use our Website, our servers automatically collect certain personal data (see section ‘Cookie Policy’ below).

Purposes – DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) use your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. maintaining, customizing and improving the Website;
  2. promoting, marketing and advertising the products through this Website;
  3. providing you with information requested by you through this Website; and
  4. managing job applications.

Legal Ground – The processing of your personal data by DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) is based upon DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech)’s legitimate interest to promote, market and advertise its products and services (including through the Website), to engage with its visitors (including through the Website) and to maintain, customize and improve the Website.

Where you voluntarily and actively provide us with your personal data (such as when filling out a form, uploading your CV on our Website), the processing is based upon possible contractual relationship.

Unless stated otherwise, you are not obliged (statutory, contractually or otherwise) to provide us with any personal data through this Website.

Disclosure – DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) will not make your personal data available to third parties for external use. DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) may however disclose your personal data to third parties in order to comply with any legal or regulatory obligation or any request from law enforcement.

Retention - DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) shall not keep your personal data longer than necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or as required by applicable law.

Security - DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) provides reasonable adequate physical and technical security measures to protect your personal data from being manipulated, lost, destroyed or accessed.

Data subject rights – You have the right to request from DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) access to and rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing concerning you or to object to the processing as well as the right to data portability.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. The Data Protection Authority' can be contacted by regular mail at Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, by telephone at +32 (0)2 274 48 00, by facsimile at +32 (0)2 274 48 35 and by email at contact(at)

Version – 25 October 2019

3 Cookie policy

To keep our Website running smoothly, we might store small files on your computer which provide us with useful information (so-called ‘cookies’). You can opt out of the advantages of these cookies by adjusting your browser’s cookie preferences.

DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) may use one or more of the following types of cookies:

  1. Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are required for the operation of the Website. These cookies are essential to make the Website work correctly. They include cookies that remember previous actions (e.g. entered text) when navigating back to a page in the same session. These cookies do not identify you as an individual. If you do not accept necessary cookies, it may affect the performance of the Website or parts of it.

  1. Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies are used to recognize you when you return to the Website and to remember the choices you made to enable DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) to personalize its content to you. The information the functionality cookies collect may include personally identifiable information that you have disclosed. If you do not accept functionality cookies, it may affect the performance and functionality of the Website and may restrict access to its content.

  1. Analytical/Performance cookies

Analytical/performance cookies allow DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) to recognize and count the number of visitors and help DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) understand how visitors interact with the Website by providing information about, among others, the areas visited, the time spent on the Website and any issues encountered. This helps DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) to improve the way the Website works. Performance cookies do not identify you as an individual. All data is collected and aggregated anonymously.

DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) uses the following cookies:



Expiration time

Type of cookie

Variable name (like 71raqnjh32usos5jbf364b8faj)

Session identification cookie. Used by our site software (Joomla) to identify your current session and allow you to connect to our site, recall the country in which you have chosen to display prices, etc.

At end of session

Functionality cookies


This cookie is used by our video player provider to store your position in a video if lecture is interrupted.

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Functionality cookies


Used by our site software (Joomla) to connect to our website.

At end of session

Functionality cookies






Google Analytics Cookies - DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) also uses Google Analytics cookies to evaluate the use of our Website and the needs of its visitors.

Google Analytics stores information about what pages you visit, how long you are on the site, how you got here and what you click on. DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) does not collect or store your name or address, so this information cannot be used to identify who you are.

If you want to learn more, please visit Google Analytics at”

Changes to the Policy – DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) may change this Policy at any time. Any changes to this Policy will become effective when we make the revised Policy available through the Website. Your continued use of the Website following such changes means that you accept the revised Policy.

Contact – If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us +334 66 29 09 07

(+334 66 29 09 07) à la place et retirer « or via the contact form on the website », s’il vous plait ?

Version – 25 October 2019

4 Creation of Hyperlinks to the Website

DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) authorizes the creation, without prior request, of surface links (area linking) that direct users to the Website's home page or any other page. However, the use of any techniques to include all or part of the Website in another website while masking, if only partially, the exact origin of the information or that could cause confusion as to the origin of the information, such as framing or in-lining, requires the prior authorization of DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech). Any such request for authorization must be made in writing to DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech)

5 Intellecual Property Rights

The texts, layouts, logos, photographs, videos, illustrations and other elements of the Website are protected by copyright or, with regard to databases, by a specific law. All these elements are the property of DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech), together with the brands marketed by it. Unless stated otherwise, textual or numerical information appearing on the Website may be freely used, provided that (i) the source is disclosed (including the name of the author and the title, if appropriate) and (ii) this information is not used for commercial or advertising purposes. Any quotations taken from the Website must also disclose the source.

Contrariwise, any reproduction for commercial or advertising purposes of such information, as well as all forms of use and reproduction other elements of the Website, such as the graphic design, images, videos, animations, sounds, or computer applications are strictly prohibited without the prior authorization of DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech). Any such request for authorization must be made in writing to DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech)

Failure to comply with this provision constitutes a breach of the Belgian law on copyright of 30 June 1994 and of the Belgian law on the legal protection of databases of 31 August 1998.

6 Disclaimer

The information available on the website constitutes general information. DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) cannot be held liable for any damage which would be incurred by using information provided on the website.

DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech) has the exclusive copyright to the website, its design and its complete content. Any use of the website, or parts thereof, in any form whatsoever, is prohibited without DMS Imaging (previously ASIT Biotech)'s prior written consent.