ASIT biotech s.a. (formerly Biotech Tools) is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and future commercialization of a range of breakthrough immunotherapy products for the treatment of allergies, based on its ASIT+
TM technology platform.

davidplas 44874 300ASIT biotech was founded in May 1997 as a spin-off company of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Thierry LEGON has served as ASIT biotech Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 2000. ASIT biotech is headquartered in Belgium close to Brussels Airport.

ASIT biotech has built-up a network of experts qualified in product development and manufacturing, preclinical and clinical development, regulatory, marketing strategy, market access, finance, business development, licensing and Merger and Acquisition (M&A). ASIT biotech development is based on the outsourcing of the manufacturing, the preclinical and clinical development to worldwide renowned universities and medical organizations.



Key milestones 

2010   BTT-gpASIT004 Phase I study: demonstration of safety and immunogenicity of subcutaneous administration of gp-ASIT+TM, a product candidate for the treatment of grass pollen rhinitis
2012   BTT-gpASIT006 Phase IIa study: demonstration of a one year lasting effect of gp-ASIT+TM, a product candidate for the treatment of grass pollen rhinitis

BTT-gpASIT007 Phase IIa study: proof of concept reached by the demonstration of the clinical effect of gp-ASIT+TM on an allergen provocation test
BTT-gpASIT008 Phase IIb study: selection of the optimal dose/regimen of gp-ASIT+TM to be tested in the phase III clinical study
BTT- hdm-ASIT+TM: initiation of the regulatory preclinical development of a product candidate for the treatment of house dust mite asthma


ASIT biotech rises the funds necessary to run the first phase III clinical study with gp-ASIT+TM
BTT-gpASIT009 Phase III study: launch of the clinical study in 6 European countries
BTT- hdm-ASIT+TM: completion of the regulatory preclinical development