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ASIT+TM products are based on allergens with optimal size distribution obtained from natural sources. The ASIT+TM active principles consist in a very broad panel of epitopes covering all the allergens present in the current immunotherapy products while having a reduced risk of induction of systemic allergic reactions.


ASIT biotech’s ASIT+TM products are truly novel, designed to avoid the limitations of existing immunotherapy products and to satisfy expectations of patients in terms of efficacy, safety and easiness of use and health care providers in terms of cost effectiveness.

gp-ASIT+™ is an innovative compound of natural allergen fragments, without adjuvant, which is administered by subcutaneous injection. A 3-week treatment (4 visits to the doctor) should protect allergic patients throughout the season from grass pollens.

In the framework of a first phase III study with gp-ASIT+™dans allergic rhinitis caused by grass pollen:

  • gp-ASIT+™ induced a 15% to 21% reduction in the combined clinical symptom and medication score (CSMS) which is considered as satisfactory despite an atypical pollen season
  • Identification of a novel mechanism of action for gp-ASIT+TM allows further development and optimization of the ASIT+™ portfolio of product candidates
  • The PEI (Paul Ehrlich Institute) regarded the first Phase III with gp-ASIT+™ in grass pollen rhinitis (BTT009) as supportive and required an additional compelling pivotal study before considering a Marketing Authorization Application. This confirmatory Phase III study is currently ongoing under the new and more selective inclusion criteria in 73 active European centres. Results are expected before the end of 2019.