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ASIT+TM products are based on allergens with optimal size distribution obtained from natural sources. The ASIT+TM active principles consist in a very broad panel of epitopes covering all the allergens present in the current immunotherapy products while having a reduced risk of induction of systemic allergic reactions.

ASIT biotech’s ASIT+TM products are truly novel, designed to avoid the limitations of existing immunotherapy products and to satisfy expectations of patients in terms of efficacy, safety and easiness of use and health care providers in terms of cost effectiveness.

In the framework of phase I and phase II clinical studies, gp-ASIT+TM for grass pollen rhinitis has demonstrated the following after a 4 doctor visit treatment over a 3-week period:

  • low incidence of side effects
  • short course treatment over 3 weeks
  • induction of antibodies blocking allergic reactions
  • reduction of the reactivity to an allergen provocation test

ASIT+TM product profile should improve patient acceptance and compliance leading to a superior real-life clinical effectiveness.