In order to propose immunotherapy products with both a superior safety and efficacy profile and shorter or no dose escalation phase, ASIT biotech has developed the ASIT+TM technology platform allowing the development, the characterisation, the manufacturing, and the quality control of truly innovative active pharmaceutical ingredients consisting of highly purified natural allergen fragments. Both the reproducible selection of the allergen fragments and the adjuvant-free formulation of the final product improve the overall immediate and long-term safety profile, while maintaining the capacity to stimulate the immune system with optimal complexity.

This selection triggers a rapid protective immune response without the need of an adjuvant.

Both the optimal size selection of the allergen fragments and the absence of an adjuvant in the ASIT+TM products improve its overall safety profile and represent real advantages with respect to long-term safety.

The ASIT+TM technology platform is based on a well-defined and reproducible production process including:

  • extraction of soluble components from natural sources of allergens;
  • purification of all the proteins from allergen extracts and the elimination of non-proteic components; and
  • standardised enzymatic hydrolysis of the purified proteins resulting in highly purified natural allergen fragments.