The ASIT+TM platform is based on a well-defined and reproducible production process, which includes:

  • extraction of soluble allergen components from natural sources;
  • standardized enzymatic hydrolysis of the purified proteins resulting in highly purified natural allergen fragments (peptides ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 kDa)).
  • purification of the hydrolyzed proteins fragments

Asit product process 01 102c8

The ASIT+TM allergy ­immunotherapy platform offers a robust and scalable manufacturing process, applicable to all protein-based allergens.

It provides substantial competitive advantages:

  • delivers a unique mixture of highly purified peptides from different selected sizes, produced from natural sources of allergens, and without adjuvants
  • allows the production, characterization and quality control of active ingredients, providing a consistent & controllable product at low COGS and high margins