Research & Development

ASIT biotech has a track record of successful partnerships with academic and clinical research organizations.

Our success lies in our unique ability to identify novel targets across many indications and our talent in progressing compounds with novel modes of action quickly through drug discovery and the clinic.

ASIT biotech is always interested in establishing new alliances and partnerships to leverage our strengths: identifying novel targets, expanding disease biology understanding, and developing therapeutics based on ouer ASIT+ platform that impact patient care.

We welcome proposals in the following therapeutic areas:

  • Allergy treatment
  • Allergy diagnosis
  • Allergy biomarkers

ASIT biotech is open to discussions with pharmaceutical companies for co-development of its innovative pipeline candidates (see pipeline section)

Commercial partnerships

We are actively looking for commercial partners for our current assets. Many territories are still open for licensing/distribution agreements, including for gp-ASIT+TM currently in Phase 3.


Please submit your business development proposals via email to

Please note that any business development proposals that are submitted to ASIT biotech via email or via our website will be considered non-confidential. No information exchange may be deemed confidential without a signed confidentiality or disclosure agreement from ASIT biotech.